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Wedding Photo FAQ


Q. What’s your primary style?


A. Molly Baxter Photography will shoot your wedding in portrait / photojournalistic style. Our goal is to capture all of the formal posed portrait photographs your parents and family members expect, while we work very hard to capture the natural moments of your day.


Q. Do you shoot in color or black and white?


A. MBP shoots all of our weddings with full frame digital SLR cameras. MBP gives you the ability to view and order each of your photos in either color, black & white or sepia tone.


Q. Can we give you a shot list to work from?


A. Your input is very important to us. MBP welcomes a shot list. You can also approach us throughout your event to ask us to take any picture you'd like. Otherwise, we'll be working behind the scenes, out of the way capturing your day as it unfolds.


Q. Are proofs part of the package or do they cost extra?


A. MBP can offers their photo proofs in two different ways.  Typically, MBP provides an online location where images can be reviewed and purchased at anytime in the first 6 months at the click of a button.  Alternately, MBP can also provide a proof DVD that allows the bride and groom to scroll through thumbnail images, enlarge to full-screen view, zoom in and preview any image in black & white or color all by using a TV and DVD player's remote control. Our clients love viewing their proofs in the comfort of their own living room where they can relive their special event or memory with friends and family.


Q. How many other events will you photograph per day.


A. We only book one event per weekend day. So, we might shoot an event on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but no more than one event per day.


Q. What kind of equipment will you bring with you? How intrusive will lighting, tripods, other equipment or assistants be?


A. We typically shoot an event with two or more cameras per event. We work very hard to blend into our environment and many brides, grooms and parents have said they didn't know how we "got that shot".


Q. Do you develop your own film or digital negatives?


A. Since we shoot digital, there isn't any film to develop. However we use Millers Professional Imaging to print our images. They provide some of the best professional photography services and are trusted by the world’s best photographers.


Q. Can we buy the negatives from you?


A. We typically do not offer the digital negatives to you in the first year, however they can be purchased for an additional price. We always offer these same photos for a significantly discounted price after the first year.


Q. Where do you store our digital negatives?


A. We take special precautions to make sure your photos are always safe in the event of fire or disaster. Your photos will be stored in multiple secure locations. We take precautions to have the digital negatives backed up to DVD where they are stored in two separate locations in fire proof safes.


Q. Will there be backup equipment available? And what happens if the photographer is ill?


A. We shoot every wedding with multiple cameras. Backup equipment is always available. We have a network of photographers who are available to assist us in the event we are sick or there is an emergency.


Q. Can other people take photos while you are taking photos?


A. We do not have formal rules about friends and family taking photos during the event or formal shoot, however we will ask they not interfere in the timeline of the event. They have to remember we are the paid photographers for the event We do however require that MBP be the only contracted photographer shooting the event for the day.


Q. Should your event last longer than scheduled, will you stay? Is there an extra charge?


A. In the event your reception runs longer than expected or scheduled, we will stay longer if requested. We will discuss the extra charge rate which is billed on a per hour basis at the signing of our contract.


Q. How many photos come in each package?


A. We don't guarantee a specific number of photos per package; however we generally average approximately 40 edited photos per hour for an event. So, for a six hour event, you'd have approximately 240 edited shots available when complete.


Q. What attire will you and your assistants wear?


A. We always ask this question as part of the wedding planning meeting. We'd hate to show up for your Hawaiian themed wedding wearing a dark tuxedo, or your black tie formal wearing something blue. We always dress in a professional manner and will wear specific attire as requested.


Q. How long after the event will the proofs be ready?


A. We typically deliver your proofs in 4-6 weeks in an online format, but it can take up to 8 weeks. Specific items like DVD's and albums may take longer and generally average approximately eight weeks during our busy season.


Q. What type and how much assistance will you provide in planning your album?


A. MBP is actively involved in your album planning process. We work with graphic designers who specialize in wedding albums to make this part of you wedding photography purchase a complete success. All you need to do is pick out your favorite images, and we'll work with you on the rest. Once your album is designed, we'll send you a electronic proof book before printing via e-mail, and once approved, you'll have the wedding album you've always dreamed about in your hands.


Q. Do you have liability insurance?


A. We are a fully insured and can provide this information upon request.